Kos All Inclusive : Tigaki - Τιγκάκι

Kos All Inclusive : Tigaki - Τιγκάκι

Tigaki is a popular holiday resort on the north coast of Kos.

Victory Fitness Beach - Gilly Gwilliams

Victory Fitness was founded by me in 2015. I was always a keen sports woman in my younger days but whilst serving in the British Forces I discovered my passion for fitness and performance. I spent many years developing my skills in order to launch myself as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor.


​ Specialists in mobility and walking aids on KOS in Greece Giving you the freedom to do and see more on your holiday DELIVERY TO YOUR HOTEL Thanks for finding our website.


Κέφαλος Μαστιχάρι Καρδάμαινα Τιγκάκι Ζιπάρι Κως

M & T Laundry Service

Holidaying on Kos? We hope you enjoy your stay on our beautiful island. Would it be bettered by having your laundry done for you? M & T Washing and Packing Service offer their services across the island.